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Inelastic Collision in Two Dimensions Problem An example of collision in two dimensions problem. Some literatures of our high school physics start to use this topic as an enrichment. The previous ones just discuss about one dimension collision.

This one a sample for understanding this topic especially for totally inelastic collision when the objects stick together just after collision and have the same final velocity.

In an intersection, a truck of 7500 kg travelling east with velocity of 32 m/s collides with another truck of 7500 kg travelling north at 24 m/s.
After this collision the two trucks stick together with velocity v'.
a) What is the velocity of the trucks just after collision?
b) What is the direction of the trucks just after collision?


Preventing a Block from Sliding down an Inclined Plane

What is the minimum value of a force acting on a resting block to prevent the block from slipping down on an inclined plane?

See the figure below.


Resistances Problems and Solutions

The Examples of High School Physics Problems and Solutions : Resistances in Series-Parallel (Grade 10)  and  how to find total resistance of 12 identic resistors that forming a cube.

Problem 1
Given three resistors shown below,

Find the total resistance of A-B!


Accelerated Motion Common Problems The Examples of High School Physics Problems and Solutions for Grade 10, Motion along Straight Line : Constant Velocity, Uniform Accelerated Motion.

Problem 1
A stone of 200 g throw up with 50 m/sec of initial velocity.

Ignore the air friction and use the acceleration due to gravity g = 10 m/sec2, find :
a) The maximum height of stone
b) Time taken to reach the maximum height
c) Time taken by the stone before reaching the ground.


Center of Mass Problem Common Problems High School Physics Problems and Solutions Examples, Center of Mass problems. Length and area.
Problem 1
Find the center of mass of this shape!


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