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6 Common Problems of Capacitors capacitor in problems and solutions tutorial method. Finding equivalent capacitor in series and parallel combination, energy stored, potential difference across capacitors, electric charge storage, spherical capacitor and parallel plate-capacitors capacitance will be discussed.

Problem 1
Given a circuit contents a combination of three capacitors X, Y and Z , see the figure below.

If the switch S is ON, find:
a) circuit equivalent capacitance (equivalent capacitor)
b) electric charge stored in the circuit
c) electric charge stored in capacitor Z, use series principle
d) potential difference across capacitor Z
e) potential difference across capacitor X
f) potential difference across capacitor Y
g) electric charge stored in capacitor X
h) electric charge stored in capacitor Y
i) electric charge stored in capacitor Z
j) energy stored in the circuit
k) energy stored in capacitor X
l) energy stored in capacitor Y
m) energy stored in capacitor Z


5 Common Problems of Magnetic Force 5 common problems of lorentz force that is acting in a moving particle with electric charge in it. Magnetic fields do involve in here.

Question 1
An electron with 1,6 x 10−19 C of charge moves with speed of 5 x 105 m/s into magnetic field of 0,8 T as shown below.

Find :
a) the magnitude of lorentz force on the electron
b) direction of magnetic force


7 Common Problems in Magnetic Field 7 common questions in magnetic field, finding the magnetic field around wire or conductor with current in it.
1) A long and straight conductor with current of i = 2 A is shown in the below figure:

Find :
a) magnetic field at point P
b) direction of the magnetic field at P
c) magnetic field at point Q
d) direction of the magnetic field at Q



5 Common Problems of Fluid Statics learning physics on 5 common problems of fluid statics includes pressure in fluid,Pascal's law, Archimedes's principle, application of hydraulic lift, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, open tube manometer and finding density of fluid through U -tube or manometer tube, finding the density of bodies through fluid, decresing in weight cause of fluid.

Question 1
A fish swims at 15 m of depth from water surface.


6 Common Problems of Photons,- Learning energy of photons, the number of photons and its relationships with radiated power and radiation intensity. These topics are discussed at grade 12 high school. Follow these questions and answers below to get more understanding.

Energy of a Photon
E = hf
E = h( c/λ )


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