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6 Common Problems of Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor learning magnetic force on straight conductors in 6 common problems, how to determine the magnitudes and the directions of the forces, right hand rules and parallel conductors interaction wiill be discussed through questions and answers method.

Problem 1
A straight wire carries a current of 5 A placed between two poles of magnets. If the amplitude of magnetic field is o,or Tesla then find:


4 Common Problems of Magnifier,- Learning magnifying glass or magnifier one of optical instruments. The angular magnification, image position in any eye conditions (accomodated, un accomodated and accomodated at x) will be discussed through questions and answers. This topic is learn at grade 10 high school.

Question 1

A magnifier with its focal length 5 cm is used to observe a tiny object. Find the angular magnification reached when observer eye is,
a) acccomodated
b) unaccomodated
c) acccomodated at 20 cm
assume the observer near point is 25 cm,


9 Common Problems of Sound Waves Learning sound waves in 9 common problems with the solutions, sound intensity, sound intensity level, doppler effect and fundamental frequency of sound sources will be discussed.

Problem 1

Find the intensity level of a sound wave of 10-5 watt/m2 in intensity . Use a reference intensity I0 = 10-12 watt/m2!


8 Common Problems of Thermodynamics - 8 common problems of thermodynamics of high school physics level, heat, work done at any thermodynamic processes, carnot efficiency and heat discarded.

Problem 1
An ideal gas at 2,0 m3 of volume is heated in constant pressure to 4,5 m3 of volume. If the gas pressure is 2 atm , find the work done by the gas!
(1 atm = 1,01 x 105 Pa)


26 Common Questions of a Traveling Wave Equation traveling wave, in 15 common questions of a traveling wave equation. You might drive the additional questions up to 26 if you want.

Given an equation of a traveling wave Y = 0,02 sin (10πt − 2πx)
t, y and x are in second, meter and meter.

Find the 15 items of the equation above:
1. amplitude
2. angular frequency
3. wave number
4. speed
5. frequency
6. period
7. wavelength
8. traveling direction
9. displacement when t = 1 second and x = 1 m
10. equation of speed
11. maximum speed
12. equation of acceleration
13. maximum acceleration
14. phase angle when t = 0,1 at x = 1/3 m
15. phase when t = 0,1 second at x = 1/3 m


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