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Magnetic Field of Short-Straight Conductors - Magnetic field of a Straight Current Carrying Conductor with Certain of Length, high school physics grade 12. Commonly cases in high school physics of straight current-carrying conductors magnetic field are for very long conductors. So we use this equation to calculate the magnetic fields:

B = magnetic field at a point (Tesla)
i = current flows (A)
a = the distance of the point from the conductor (m)
μo = 4π ⋅ 10−7 Wb/A m


Complex Impedance in Alternating Current,- discussing alternating current circuit (AC circuit) using complex impedance to find the currents, angles on series or series-parallel circuit.

Question 1

Given an AC electric circuit contents a resistor R and an inductor L as shown below:

R = 2 Ω
L = 2 mH
and the voltage source of ν = 120 sin 5000 t volts
Determine the equivalent impedance of this circuit, express the answer in rectangular form of complex impedance!


Complex Circuit - Wheatstone Bridge,- Discussing how to find the currents in a complex circuit of three loops, and determine the equivalent resistance of a complex circuit

Given a complex circuit contents 5 resistances (a bridge circuit)

R1 = 2 Ω
R2 = 2 Ω
R3 = 2 Ω
R4 = 2 Ω
R5 = 3 Ω
a) the current in each resistance and the total current through the network
b) the resistance equivalent of the circuit


Projectile Motion Enrichments,- Parabolic or projectile motion, enrichment problems for high school students, 5 problems. The first solution will show you how to find the initial velocity of a bullet with given x and y values.

Question 1
A boy shoots a mango fruit using ketapel with a stone as the bullet.

The bullet is released from ketapel at 1.6 m from the ground and reaches the mango at 5.6 m. Find the initial velocity of the bullet, use sin 37° = 3/5 and the acceleration due to gravity g = 10 m/sec2

→Seorang anak membidik sebuah mangga dengan menggunakan ketapel dan batu sebagai pelurunya.Lihat gambar diatas. Peluru terlepas dari ketapel saat berada pada ketinggian 1,6 m dari atas tanah dan mengenai mangga yang berada pada ketinggian 5,6 m. Tentukan kecepatan awal peluru saat terlepas dari ketapel, gunakan sin 37° = 3/5 dan percepatan gravitasi bumi 10 m/s2!


Traveling Waves - Enrichment Problems,- Traveling wave, enrichment problems for high school students, problem 1, how to find the y displacement with phase and wavelenght are known .

Question 1
A wave travels through points A and B, in A to B direction. When t = 0 the wave displacement at point A is 0. Known that A and B is 8 cm apart, the wavelength and the amplitude are 12 cm and 4 cm respectively. Determine the wave displacement at point B when the phase of point A is /2!

Suatu gelombang berjalan melalui titik A dan B yang berjarak 8 cm dalam arah dari A ke B. Pada saat t = 0 simpangan gelombang di A adalah 0. Jika panjang gelombangnya adalah 12 cm dan amplitudonya = 4 cm, tentukan simpangan titik B pada saat fase titik A /2!


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