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QNS Projectile Motion Angles and Distances

physics.fisikastudycenter.com_2021 Projectile motion distances and angles.

Problem 1

Two bullets are released with launch angles of 35° and β respectively, which β > 35°. The first bullet and the second finally reach the ground at the same point. If the initial speed of the first bullet equals the second, what is the angle β?


QNS Mechanics Energy Conservation

physics.fisikastudycenter.com_2021 Mechanics energy conservation.


A particle of 1 kg of masses released from the top of a building with speed of 2 m/s at the end as shown in the figure. The mechanics energy of particle at 6 m before reaching the ground is....(g = 10 m/s2)

A. 2 joule
B. 120 joule
C. 122 joule
D. 240 joule
E. 244 joule

(Use mechanics energy conservation concepts to solve the problem. ME at 12 m equals  ME at 6 m.)

Kinetics Energy vs Gravitational Potential Energy of a Coconut

physics.fisikastudycenter.com_2021 Kinetics energy vs Potential Energy quantities and ratios, questions only, no solutions.


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