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Cancelling in Equations - Learning cancelling in an equation. What is a cancelling in here meant? You simplify and remove a pair of numbers or symbols in an equation that is called cancelling. That's a significant difference when using a cancelling instead the ordinary way without cancelling. You could finish an equation quicker and easier but make sure that you don't make un-proper cancelling and then your answer get wrong.

Here are some common examples of cancelling in physics, you might explore the others and make a lot of practices during handling your equations.

The Mechanichal Energy Conservation
Sometimes you don't see the mass of a body in alot of mechanichal energy conservation questions. That's no problem completely,you still have posibilities to solve the problems with unknown mass. Take a look the mechanical energy equation below for instance


Center of Mass a Calculation Simplicity - Learning the center of mass, How to simplify the center of mass calculations. Sometimes it's usefull enough applying this method but if you do not feel confidence enough to use it, don't use! Some students got wrong answer when using this method but they got the correct one when using the ordinary way.

From above figure, try to find the location of center of mass of that shape, calculate only the x axis location, because we know that yo must be at 45 cm!


Sinus Method in Equilibrium

Shortcut to physics equilibrium, finding forces using sinus rule. Given angles between three forces that are in equilibrium condition as below figure. You are asked to determine T1 and T2 rope tensions.


An Elastic Collision Shortcut - A physics shortcut to collision problem wih conditions the collision should be elastic and the masses of the two bodies involved are the same.

Given two bodies in an elastic collision above.
What are the velocities of the two bodies after collision?


Strings Tension on Blocks - How to find the ratio of strings tensions on a couple of blocks travel at frictionless surface. Given 5 blocks being pulled by a force F = 30 N along x direction. The masses are m1 = 1 kg, m2 = 2 kg, m3 = 3 kg, m4 = 4 kg, m5 = 5 kg. You have to find the ratio of T1 and T2 . See the figure below and the following steps both normally and the short-cut.


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