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Electric Circuit Current & Voltage Shorcut shortcut to electric circuit, finding the curent flows and the voltage accros two points VPQ.

Given an electric circuit with two loops as below:

The current flows through R3 and the voltage accross point P and Q could be found with these shortcuts


4 Charges at a Square

4 charges with the same in sign are located at a square as this below figure. You have to determine the coulomb force at one of the charges, the length of square side is a meter.

Here is an alternative solution for this case, you might have your own. Choose one charge, in this solution q3 is choosen. Sketch the all electrostatic forces that are acting on it cause of its interactions with the other charges. See the figure below


U-Tube with More than Two Fluids - how to find the densities or heights of fluids in U-tube. Some cases in U-tube involve more than two kinds of fluid. Read the cases below:

U-tube fills three kinds of fluid, 1, 2 and 3. What is the equation for that case? Use a line as a reference (shown in the figure), point A in the left arm and point B in the right arm (fluid 1-fluid 2 interface) are at the same level. So the pressure ar poin A and the pressure at point B must be the same. Easily we arrange the equation for this case, remember again the pressure of fluid at the depth of h, P = ρ g h


Speed of Bodies at The End of an Incline - Finding the speed of cylinder, spherical bodies at the and of a ramp or incline in rotation.

We could find the speed of a body i.g cylinder, spherical quickly:


Shortcut to Bernoulli - shortcut to bernoulli equation, finding the speed of water flows from the hole of a tank, the distance of the point where the water drops at first time and the time taken.

See the illustration figure below


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