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A Shortcut to Collision Block-Bullet - shortcuts to a collision case involves a bullet and a block. The speed of the bullet before collision and the angle formed will be determined.

See the figure of a collision below:


Pulleys - Another Shortcuts - another shortcut to pulleys physics mechanics. The common steps for this case you may find in another posts in this site. This figure represents the case of two blocks and two pulleys, frictionless.


Shortcut to Parabolic Motion - a shortcut to certain case of parabolic motion. The case (a half parabolic) presents in the figure below.

The distance (d), the time needed (t) and the angle formed (θ) from the case could be found with our shortcuts below:


Shortcuts to Equilibriums - shortcut to equilibrium cases how to determine the static coefficient of friction. Given two physics mechanics shortcuts in this post.



Projectile Motion Highest Point Shortcut - You could find the highest point of a projectile motion with launching angle and horizontal range are given with this shortcut. The origin calculation will be provided also.

A projectile of 1 kg of mass is launched and reaches its horizontal range of 2700 m. The launching angle is 53°, see the figure below!

Find the highest point reached by this bullet!

Use the quick relationship of the highest point, the horizontal range (maximum distance) and the launching angle as below:


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